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Warranty claim form

General terms & info

This is official warranty form in regards of any broken rods, rod tips, rings and other damages that consumer has experienced.

Before you go to next step please read carefully following information:

  • Every rod leaves the factory with 100% quality control tested by certified quality controllers.

  • Every rod that is shipped to consumer is double checked for any visible cracks, deformations, manufacturing problems.

  • Our goal is to ensure that every consumer doesn’t experience any problems and can enjoy their product.

  • We will do our best to provide you best possible assistance and solution to satisfy your experience.

  • However, rods can sometimes be faulty due to manufacturing issues. This is very rare occasion but it happens.

  • Team of experts will analyse the broken rod and will give their conclusion within 14-30 working days. 

  • All analysis will be based on "Breakage guidelines". These guidelines represent most common rod/tip break points and reasons why they break.

  • The experts can tell the scenario why the rod broke with accuracy of 90% as the test has been implied and breaking points are obvious and repeated. 

We highly recommend that you answer all of the questions as honest as possible. Sometimes consumers has accidents and due to lack of rod handling knowledge or bad luck, rods breaks. The "goodwill" might be implemented and offered to consumer if the case study shows no manufacturing issues. 

Most common issues by consumers:

  • Bad storage/transport. Rods are sensitive and any friction or contact with other objects creates micro scratches which causes the rod to break.

  • Handling the rod on the top part of the tip.

  • Strong casting motion and speed were used to result better casting distance. The rod broke in between where the tip and handle parts connects. In some cases only the Tip part brakes.

  • The fishing line wounded around the top of the rod tip. The tip broke while casting or when the fish was hooked. The Top/Middle section of the tip broke.

  • Overloaded rod with weights/lures that are over the rod specifications. The Bottom/Middle section of the tip broke.

  • The consumer got snag under the water and the lure were stuck. Forcing the rod to loosen the lure applies maximum load to the rod. Usually the rod brakes on 2 part split connection or on the rod handle section before/below the last ring. 

  • The ring has splitted/cracked or wiring around the ring got loose. This is typically manufacturing problem.

  • Bad luck by stepping on the rod, handling, storage or smacking the rod into other object get rod broken in random places.

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