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FishUploads & Referee

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Paperwork, sending pictures in an old school way via messenger, waiting days before you know final score table, not knowing you opponent profile etc. - not anymore! We created a something, that solves all these problems.

Importance for the league

In order to deliver sport league for public, having just a tournament rules is not enough. Accurate uploads, speed, volume management, statistics, history, events, players, teams and much more is required to run professional level sport. We want to allow every player, build their own career and have full of adrenaline sport experience. We are very happy to announce, that Norway is the very first nordic country, to release such a competition and technology and it is ready to launch in 2021!

FishUploads app

The app was created to make fish upload simple and easy. In addition to that, following your opponents results is a crucial part of tournament dynamics, and this is where the app comes for. Follow each opponent, analyse their scores and make changes in your game! The app is specified for each player and is accessible only for each person. All personal information is 100% safe and secure. Your data is  encrypted. All of the uploads are connected with our "NSFL Referee" judge panel. The same second you enter your fish, the platform connects your catch with your profile. The judge siting behind NSFL Referee control, will approve you catch within just a click of a button.

NSFL Referee

Ok, so let's imagine this perfect scenario: Load players, choose water pound, describe event details, activate fish uploads and we are done! This is exact definition of what this platform is about. The judge can create new tournaments in seconds, and everything else is completely automated. The platform allows us to manage event details, dates, locations and more. Players and Teams are managed the same way. If you need to change something in your profile, or we need to switch team captains - we are only few click away. Most important - managing ongoing-game has to be accurate and easy. No more handwritten papersheets, excel tables, faulty result inputs and endless mistakes in calculation. Everything here, happens automatically ! Our developers team are always working hard to improve overall end-user experience, and bring this whole platform and to another level in 2022!

FishUploads  app v1.0


NSFL Referee v1.0

Ready for 2021!

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