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Great! You are finally ready?

There are few important things you need to know before starting registration to NSFL 2021. Read them and then continue:

  • Each player registers personally. Enter your team name and choose who is captain/co-angler. 

  • Max 100 teams for qualification.

  • To complete registration you will have to be registered user in

  • Fill up all necessary information

  • After filling all information, you will be redirected to payment method and pay Qualification Fee.

  • Price for qualification: 250- NOK/person.

  • Latest cancelation: 30days prior to Qualification. 

  • TOP40 winning qualification teams will receive "Main League" approval.

  • "Main League" entry price 2000,- NOK/team. (paid only after qualification)

  • Follow webpage and social networks for constant updates, schedule and information!

  • "FishUploads app" will be active only for fish uploads during qualification. Live standings will not be present in this level.

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