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Date: June 15, Storsjøen, Skarnes 2024
Target fish: Perch
Max teams: 100 (or more)
Entry fee: 750,- NOK





"Abbor NM" originally was launched many years ago. Since day one it kept the title being the largest and most respected perch fishing tournament in Norway. 100+ boats, professional and hobby anglers, knowledge sharing and adrenaline - this is Abbor NM!

Jaktia Jessheim team has been putting all efforts to raise the value of this competition and deliver to all perch fishing lovers, this wonderful 1-day tournament.

Both Jaktia & NSFL are very proud to announce that it is now time, to bring "Abbor NM" into another level. 

Starting in 2023 Abbor NM will now become the most prestigious perch fishing title in Norway, and we expect the season to be very hot!

So what's new waiting for you this year?

  • New, slightly more strict rules which will bring more clarity and professionalism to this competition. New rules should bring more motivation to compete in this competition.

  • Way faster and simplified registration

  • Uploading the fish via NSFL web-based app

  • Ability to see live results, your catches, other fishes that competitors has caught. 

  • Ability to add lures & gear the fish was caught

  • All of this inside one app!

For watchers

  • For public who will follow the competition in home, "Abbor NM" portal will allow you to follow your favorite team.

  • In addition you will be able to track each individual team, see their livewells, lures they are fishing on.

  • To make things more exciting - you will be able to win prizes while you watching! You will have a 2 chances to guess who will win the competition. Person who's guess will be the closest to the TOP3 winners, will be awarded well. 

This is only the beginning of what NSFL & Jaktia are about to deliver to Norwegian sport fishing culture. 

Let's join our forces together, and make this event full of excitement, positive emotions and unforgettable memories & experience. 

  • Event date: June 15, 2024. Lake: Storsjøen(Nord-Odal)

  • Team of 2

  • 750,- NOK / team

  • Register now to secure your spot!

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