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Main League is scheduled for 2025

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NSFL MAIN LEAGUE is the heart of all circuits. Started in 2021 and driven by 40 teams, this tournament obviously defines best Norwegian anglers. After great and exciting seasons, this tournament now comes with improved dynamic. Changes that strictly controls any failure or mistake, upgraded rules, adjusted schedule - enough time to prepare, more pressure, more fun.

Since 2021 we have noticed strong interest increase in a professional predator sport fishing.

NSFL has put anglers in a position to upgrade their boats, upgrade marine electronics, fishing gear. This is exactly what professional level should look like, it separates intermediate vs professional. That was our goal from the very beginning. 

How it works?



First you need to register your account at After this is done, you then will need to create your NSFL player profile which will be used to gather all information about you. 

Teams are then fighting in 3+1 stages. 

Stage 1 - May

Stage 2 - June

Stage 3 - September

Stage 3+ - recovery stage & final October

After 4 stages, rank points are added together, best Norwegian Angling team is announced, Most valuable player nominated, largest fish nomination.

All winners nominated with:

- Cash prize

- Sponsor gifts

- Main Title & Trophy

Each of the stage is a physical event. Boats, teams, people, results ar carefully controlled on each event. Teams also having a great experience and time during the events.

In each stage teams of 2 people seeks best 5 catch score. At the same time each individual collects his personal points, however in this case every fish counts as a score(cm). Pike fishing only.

Total team score is converted to tournament rank points according to points table described in the rules.

How we measure?



NSFL provides measuring boards for each team. Each angler gets access to a "FishUpload" web based app. The app is securely controlled and developed by NSFL. The functionality in the app allows everyone to follow other teams, their results, equipment etc.

The length and the picture are then received by "Admin panel" where one of the judges takes control of each received picture. After approval results are automatically recalculated, both for team and personal scores. 

Each angler can watch live results at any minute. 

Public can follow live-results aswell.



Who can participate?
Screenshot 2021-08-15 at 22.18.49.jpg

The only requirement to participate is:

"Have a true sportsmanship. Do not blame others but only yourself. Fight til the last minute, be fair"

If you think you match this angler profile, please join us and register for qualification!


Make sure you know the most important info before registering:

  • Team is made of 2 persons.

  • Make sure you read rules and you understand the idea behind the competition and responsibilities

  • Make sure you have the right equipment and enough time to participate

  • Stay professional and patient throughout the competitions 

  • Do not cheat and bring sportsmanship

Registration guide:

  • Create or login to account

  • On members menu, click Registration

  • The system will check whether you have Player Profile or not. 

  • Follow on-screen instructions

  • Captains will be redirected to payment

  • Partners only registers themselves following instructions described above

  • You will receive email confirmation and final informational email before event

  • Web based APP & instructions will be available before competition


  • Entry fee for Main League: 3000,- NOK**

  • Direct payment upon registration with Vipps

  • Due date May 19, 2023

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