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The FINAL of 2022 NSFL

Time for year’s most important event has finally came! This October, Norwegian sport fishing league will find out who is the champion of the 2022 “Main League” series.

October 8 is long awaited final. Here, 3 out of 21 teams will be standing on a podium and will fill up their collection with another or maybe even first medal!

Let’s quickly ramp up our current season by taking a closer look of what happened in Stage 1 and 2.

Stage 1 which happened back in June is always the most intense stage. Both arrangers and participants are always busy and nervous, by wondering how things will roll in new season. Pressure is always there but in the end, everyone is showing very strong results. The skill level of tournament pike fishing is really growing rapidly.

This year we have noticed that hardware upgrade ratio was really high. Most of the boats are now equipped with real imaging transducers, some of them has even 2. This technology is really putting angling between professionals to another level. In fact 12 of the 21 boats are already equipped with real imaging capabilities. We definitely believe that next year, we should have even stronger battleship in the waters.

Nils (N.E.A) & Johann (Lowrance)

The reason why sport fishing angling is so satisfying, is because even the smallest details really delivers different results. It is a combination of a modern ages and good old habits that anglers grew up on.

Here is the final top 5 both by teams and anglers after the Stage 1 day:

Stage 2 was slightly different. People gained more confidence and had more time for training this season. Not like in 2021, this year we only having 3 stages instead of 4. Meaning that, anglers have to be more consistent within a season and try to catch good averages. Those who did that, has really strengthen their positions after the Stage 2.

It was not a best day for anglers. The weather actually has been in their favor for the most of the day, only that it was more like a slow fishing day for them. For the most part of the day, few teams had a great lead and kept that lead for a long time. Only in last hours, suddenly the whole leaderboard flipped up. The fight was really on and after the event judge have received a strong message from one of the teams. They claimed having a video recording of the team who has fished in the “Nature Park restricted area”. That team was sadly “PD Baits” who has climbed to a 1st place on a stage 2.

According to the rules, we had some limitations that day. The anglers were told to follow park reservoir recommendations and be caution in zones where boat movement is controlled. Lake Tyrifjorden has gotten into many changes the past year, therefore many teams had confusions on the speed limits or forbidden/allowed zones type questions.

After a deep video investigation NSFL found that “PD Baits” were actually doing nothing that has not allowed them to boat or fish there, this was based on the grounds of park reservoir public information. In other terms they have played by the book.

This of course brought lots of buzz around the anglers.

The video series which is coming during the winter time, will actually reveal how they were boating & fishing. So remember to follow us to get announcement when videos are published later this year. In the end, here are the results of the Stage 2:

NSFL is very excited to see what will happen in Final round, Oktober 6th in lake Hemnessjøen. We have many teams that is capable to earn good rank points, and flip the whole leaderboard upside down again!

Winners will be also awarded with bounties & sponsors prizes.

This year winners will receive:

1st place will receive: 20.000,- NOK Cash Prize + Newest Garmin LivescopePlus transducer with processor + ECHOMAP Ultra 9sv

2nd place will receive: 10.000,- NOK Cash Prize + ECHOMAP Ultra 12sv

3rd place will receive: 5.000,- NOK Cash Prize + ECHOMAP Ultra 10sv

4th place: sponsor prizes

5th Place: sponsor prizes

MVP Title: Garmin ECHOMAP Ultra 9sv

Biggest fish Title: Garmin Instinct 2 watch

Make sure you put finals date in your calendar, follow and support your friends/colleagues and favorites your follow. Live results will be public.

We will announce full event information in just a couple days.

To see newest results and information visit

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