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The winners of the MainLeague 2023!

The Norwegian Sport Fishing League (NSFL) recently concluded its thrilling Main League pike fishing tournament, and what an exciting season it was! Anglers from all walks of life gathered at the Lake Øyeren to test their skills and luck in catching the pikes. The competition was fierce, the weather was on our side, and the pikes were biting. Here's a summary of tournament!

Mother Nature smiled upon the tournament, blessing us with great weather throughout the event. While there were occasional gusts of wind, the skies remained clear, and there was no sign of rain. This meant that the anglers could focus entirely on their strategy and not worry about getting wet.

Lake Øyeren, true to its reputation, delivered pikes as promised. In total, an impressive 106 pikes were caught during the tournament, with an average size of 74.28 cm. What's even more remarkable is that seven pikes measuring over 7 meters were caught, and the longest of them all, a whopping 117 cm monster, was reeled in by none other than Peder Vangen from the Garmin Pro Team!

The Recovery Stage Results

The tournament featured four stages, and after the recovery stage, the top teams were neck and neck. Here are the results of the recovery stage:

- Garmin Pro Team: 479 points

- Gnarly Baits: 479 points

- Team Okuma: 426 points

- Team Daiwa Garmin Prorex: 404 points

- CatchYA: 403 points

A nail-biting tiebreaker determined the leading team between Daiwa/Garmin ProRex Team and CatchYA. Garmin/Daiwa emerged victorious, thanks to Petter Skudal, who landed an impressive 110 cm pike on that day. These extra points gave them the edge they needed to take the 4th place in the recovery stage.

MVP and Season Highlights

Giedrius Nainys of the Fish Hunters earned the title of MVP of the season, and he also boasted the largest fish of the season at a remarkable 123 cm! It was truly an outstanding performance.

The Final Standings

After all the calculations and incredible fishing moments, here are the final standings for the NSFL Main League pike fishing tournament:

1. Fish Hunters (Giedrius Nainys & Tomas Kumsevicius)

2. Team Okuma (Jarle Reitan & Thomas Molander Hansen)

3. Gnarly Baits (Anders Kurud & Magne Bjerke)

4. CatchYA (Tomas Tatolis & Mingaudas Masidlauskis)

5. Garmin Pro Team (Peder Herman Vangen & Sander Sørhaug)

What's even more exciting is that three of the teams on this list are newcomers to the league, proving that talent and determination can lead to success in the world of competitive pike fishing.

A Big Thank You!

As the season comes to a close, we'd like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the sponsors, participants, and everyone who made this tournament possible. Your support and enthusiasm are what make events like these so special.

The NSFL Main League pike fishing tournament was a rollercoaster of emotions, filled with remarkable catches and unforgettable moments. We can't wait to see what the next season holds for us. Until then, tight lines and happy fishing! Oh, and don't forget to register into the last, one-day pike fishing tournament at the same lake, maybe you can beat Giedrius 123cm pike??? Register here

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