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Autumn Mamma WINNERS!

Finally Autumn Mamma has crossed the finish line.

As the name represents the competition was full of meter pikes! The TOP5 teams has been fighting for every centimeter.

What is Autumn Mamma?

It is a open tournament for everyone. The main rules of the competition was:

- Any water

- Any time

- Any fishing style or gear

- Duration: 2 weeks

- Teams registered: 26


This is the simplest and easiest tournament you can compete in. The most important thing is that such a simple tournament still had really great prizes! Here is the final prize list:

- 1st place: 4000,- cash prize + Garmin ECHOmap 10"

- 2nd place: 3000,- cash prize + 2 x Favorite Rods & Reels

- 3rd place: 1000,- cash prize + 1 x Favorite Rod & Reel

- 4th place: 500,- cash prize

-5th place: 500,- cash prize

- Longest Pike: 1000,- cash prize


Congratulation to the 1st place winner Team SFP with Johann C.Vangerud & Sondre Breian!. They have averaged 111cm per pike which is absolutely killer score! The longest pike they have caught last tournament day was 121cm!

1st place: "Team SFP"

2nd place: "Polar Fishing" with Peder Herman Vangen & Andreas Sundby Foldvik

3rd place: "FishBusters" with Adam Wansacz & Grzegorz Listwan

4th place: "13 Fishing Team" with Darius Liutkevicius & Greta

5th place: "Hungry Sharks" with Marius Raguckas & Bronius Stankevicius

Longest pike: Kjetil Fuglesang Olsen from team "Astacus" - 127cm!

Thank you everyone who has participated. The weather was both good and bad. Most important everyone has been fighting till the last minute and this is the most important!

We hope to see everyone next year!

Now, go and get that last season Mamma's before the water freezes!


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