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Thrilling Conclusion to the NSFL Classic Tournament

The NSFL Classic tournament has come to a thrilling close, leaving participants and spectators buzzing with excitement. The event was marked by fantastic results, great catches, and a number of heart-pounding moments as big fish eluded capture.

Highlights of the Tournament:

  • Juris Zelickis from the LJPro fishing team kickstarted the leaderboard with an impressive 90cm pike. Shortly thereafter, the competition heated up with the first 1m+ pike being caught by Christian Sletmo of Team Takkel Daiwa, measuring a staggering 112cm.

  • The excitement continued to build as Kjell-Remi Westlie reeled in a 113cm pike, setting the tone for an electrifying start to the tournament.

Throughout the morning, pikes were being recorded at a remarkable rate of every 6-8 minutes. However, after lunch, the sun's full emergence led the fish to seek shelter, challenging participants to adapt to the changing conditions. Despite the stress and a few big ones getting away, the spirit of the tournament remained high.

In total, an impressive 13 pikes over 1 meter in length were caught. For a detailed breakdown of the statistics, visit the NSFL Classic tournament results.

Awards and Recognitions:

  • First 1m+ Pike: Christian Sletmo with a 112cm catch, earning 1500 NOK.

  • Largest Tournament Pike: Herman Kulstad with a 117cm catch, also earning 1500 NOK.

Top Teams:

  1. Team Perfish ( Sander Sørhaug & Kjell-Remi Westlie )  - 520cm, winning 5000 NOK.

  2. Team Power Boat-Garmin ( Stinius Viking Ødegård & Markus Taaje ) - 445cm, winning 3000 NOK.

  3. Team Esox ( Andreica Sebastian & Cosmin Bretean ) - 434cm, winning 2000 NOK.

Looking ahead, the excitement continues with the upcoming AbborNM by Jaktia Jessheim tournament on June 15th, 2024. Registration is now open. Don’t miss your chance to be part of another fantastic event—register here.

Stay tuned for more thrilling moments and tight lines! Gallery:

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