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Dramatic win & Success in Stage 1

Just a couple days ago (May 16, 2021), Norwegian Sport Fishing League (NSFL) was launched and the very first event in Storsjøen, Nord-Odal brought dramatic fight.

We thank everyone for such a great cooperation and smooth process. The Check-In procedure went very smooth without any delays and we are really proud of that!

First of all - congratulations to winners M&S Pro Team who showed great example for everyone how not to give up.

M&S Pro Team

Team Pikeslingers who has been leaders almost for the whole day unfortunately were beaten by M&S Pro Team. Matas & Sarunas (M&S Pro Team) has showed dedication for its best.

The broken trolling engine (approx lunch time) has completely placed M&S team out of the plan. However, team has decided that one of them has to sit in front of the main engine steering wheel and try to keep the boat in position by moving throttle lever front&back while other partner needs to fish. Strong wind, rain was not a problem for M&S Team tho. They were keep fighting till the last minute, and approximately 15minutes before the end of the tournament they were able to catch their final fish which brought them 1st place on a Stage 1 event.

Once again huge congratulations to them and Pikeslingers - stay sharp because you did what you had to do. Congratulations to Pikeslingers for A-game - for sure.

Here is a list of Top 5 teams:

  1. M&S Pro Team ( Matas Joksas & Sarunas Rupsys)

  2. Pikeslingers ( Markus Taaje & Arni Kupstas)

  3. Team NEMO ( Krzysztof Kolpuc & Benedykt Wojteczek)

  4. Team Lowrance PD/Baits ( Pål Dramstad & Raymond Svendsen)

  5. Fish on ( Juliusz Staszewski & Mariusz Olszewski)

As NSFL Rules states, every team is awarded with RANK POINTS after each event. In other words, the centimeters they caught puts the team in rank position. The rank position is then given points which are stated in the rules.

1st place - 300ponts

2nd place - 285points

3rd place - 270points

4th place - 255points

5th place - 240points


Total fish caught: 85

Total pikes over 100cm: 4

Average pike size: 70.1cm

Longest pike: 110cm (Raymond Svendsen)

Weather: Rainy/Cloudy

Wind: 4-8m/s

Sarunas & Matas

Hopefully most of the teams has made conclusions and took the first stage very seriously. Obviously lack of practise brought results which does not satisfy them.

Status quo strategy was not working for most of the teams.

The first stage also showed that you should never over estimate your opponents as the pre-start predictions was totally wrong. Teams which expected to be leaders were totally behind and team who took the competition seriously won the fortune. This is just a beginning, so don't be disappointed too much because your chances is ahead of you.

Instead of waiting Stage 2 which will take place on June 5th in lake Øgderen(Hemnes), start practicing right now! The time is running fast and silence days will start really soon.

To give your more time, we decided to shorten silence week. The official last date for practise is May 30 (Sunday). You can still practise the whole Sunday. So do not expect that fishing gods will reward your team with TOP results without intensive practise. Stay sharp.

Most common questions & answers:

  1. Why do we have to fill up correct information about boat, electronics, engine?

First of all, NSFL is a professional fishing league. We treat our fishing as recreational sport. Imagine NSFL being so boring that only results and pictures will be available. Would that be so interesting to participate in just a "regular" fishing tournament? We don't think so. Therefore our staff and you(the teams), we need to try to maximise sportsmanship and deliver as much as we can. NSFL Staff tries really hard to deliver to best of the best tournament experience and information about boats, electronics is part of it.

In addition as a team you have "homework" to do with this information. You can analyse every other team and create your own strategies. If you having trouble figure out how this can help to your strategy, we recommend to stop and think over.

Sample nr1:

My team position is no5. My boat has 150HP engine. In front of me there are 4 teams that starts first and all of them has 40-50hp engines. That means when those teams will start, after 1 minute you will start and easily will catch those teams and get into best fishing spots first.

Sample nr2:

My team use Garmin ecoMap Ultra 12 with Livescope. My opponent uses Humminbird Helix 5 (2014model). My team has huge advantage finding the fish in shallow spots and positioning my boat first, start to fish first while other team struggles and spend their time finding the fish around me. In the end you win more time, and sometimes the fish is active for 10minutes, so those 10minutes you fish might bring you scores.

2. One of the teams has uploaded fish with the same length ( 2 x 75cm). How can you assure that it is not the same fish uploaded 2 times?

We can assure everyone that each fish carefully goes through analysis. The judge is looking for differences in fish body, fish placement, measure board placement, marks, shades etc. If by any means same fish is uploaded 2 times, that upload is rejected.

We give 100% guarantee that every single upload is approved and fair.

If by any means you have any concerns, you can always step into "Check-In" booth and ask the judge to provide you the pictures you are wondering about. Every fish upload is saved and will be kept until the end of the season.

NSFL Judge asks everyone to stay sharp and if any unfair game is noticed, record the facts with telephone or cameras and inform the judge as fast as possible.

Pictures & video

As most of you had noticed, we have recorded the event. However due to bad weather conditions in the morning we were unable to record some of the footage.

The good news that we did that in the second half of the day and we are happy that video content we recorded was enough to create a nice "Overview" episode of NSFL Stage 1. Our video team is already working on it and we try our best to deliver the episode as fast as possible.

When it comes to pictures, we will process them and upload as much as possible to our social channels.

Profile pictures are now updated. However some of the teams who registered very late haven't received their PRO Jerseys. Therefore we need to take pictures of them in the next round.

Win Garmin Striker Cast!

Garmin has gave opportunity to win Garmin Striker Cast to each of you.

What do you need to do, to win?

  1. Bring GoPro or other cameras in each event

  2. Record as much as possible video content

  3. The video content can be about the event, fishing, boating etc. We give priority to fishing content.

  4. Random content, shaky video will not be used.

  5. Try to be creative and if you can talk with your team partner about the strategies, fishing, electronics & decisions while you filming. Make sure your voice is loud and clear. (Norwegian, English language is allowed)

  6. Even if you haven't caught any fish, no worries. Your content is valuable for us!

  7. After each event, bring your camera or SD card to "Check-In" booth and allow the staff to copy the video content to "NSFL HardDiskDrive"

  8. We will then use your content/episodes in our NSFL episodes.

  9. You will get unique opportunity to be shown in a Public video. This is a good chance for your sponsors and yourself.

  10. We promise that each team which provides the content - will be in the episode if the content will match the NSFL topic.

  11. If your video will not be in main NSFL episode, we will use it for the future NSFL video trailers.

  12. Videos with fish catch or handling the fish will 100% be in the episode.

  13. In the "Final Event" we will nominate 1 team who has provided best content and will award them with Garmin Striker Cast!

Till next time!


NSFL Staff

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