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NSFL Main League Stage 1 - Plan&Coordination

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Finally we have reached the day we all have been waiting for many months. The Stage 1 is about to start! Thank you everyone who has joined and we wish you best of luck in upcoming season.

Please read all the information carefully and if needed few times. Make sure you respect our rules and follow all guidelines.

Stage 1 - Allowance and Rules

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Lake: Storsjøen, Nord-Odal.

Location: Mo Båtforening

Address: Storsjøvegen 7, 2133 Gardvik

Date: 2021 Mai 16 (Sunday)

Start: 08:00

Finish: 16:00

Earliest arrival & check-in & boat check: 05:00

Latest arrival & check-in & boat check: 07:00

Opening speech: 07:30


Conference: 17:00 (every team must attend)

Boat loading: 17:30

Fish: Pike

Minimum length: 55cm

Measure board: Provided by NSFL

FishUpload: NSFL APP. Each player individually, every fish from their account.

Event structure - read carefully

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First of all - we ask your understanding that this is the very first NSFL event. Our staff is working very hard to make it happen and we will provide all necessary assistance at all the times. This event will use the most of the time since it is the very first event. We have some procedures to do in terms of league structure, therefore we ask everyone to arrive as early as possible.

Here is step-by-step instructions that everyone needs to follow:

  1. Arriving to location NSFL signs will inform you to slow down. Please respect that and do not make any aggressive moves with vehicles.

  2. Before you arrive to the camp, we ask everyone to stop at any gas station or parking lot and prepare most of your fishing tackle. The best is to prepare everything the day before. We will not allow any of the team to start preparing their rods while boat unloading process is happening. You can of course prepare some tackle once you have finished boat unloading & check-in procedures. Do not stop somewhere around the camping/parking area, please use other locations at least 1-2km away from camping base.

  3. Once all is set, you will meet first person in the drive-in(No 1.) which will mark that you have arrived and will provide you assistance where to go next.

  4. The orange/green arrows in the map indicates car movement. There will be markers, please follow them.

  5. In the "Unloading" zone (No.2) approximately 3 vehicles at the time will unbelt their boats for unloading. Once again - make sure all the tackle is already in the boat!

  6. Once your boat is ready, please sit still in the car and wait for staff signal that now is your turn. While waiting - open your Vipps app and complete payment for boat ramp (90,-NOK vehicle). Payment information flyer will be handed to you. Payment proof needs to be provided on the check-in.

  7. Our staff will help to unload the boat(No 3.) and ensure process smoother and faster. At the same time boat will be checked(livewells, engine, electronics). Boat engine will also receive "Team number sticker". Penalty points applies for provided false information.

  8. Once boat is unloaded, one of the team member parks the boat(staff will guide you), while other member drives the vehicle to the "Trailer" zone (No. 4)

  9. In the trailer zone our staff will help you to park the trailer. You will need to disattach your trailer from the vehicle. Staff will push the trailer into the parking spot. Your trailer will receive "Number sticker" to locate your trailer easier later on. You will also get copy of the number.

  10. Proceed with your vehicle to marked "Parking Areas" and park you vehicle systematically. If one of the parking areas is full, staff will guide you to another one.

  11. You can then proceed to "Check-IN" area. Both team members are required in the check-in zone.

Check-IN procedures

The check-in will be plain and simple. But there is couple things you need to know and prepare:

  1. Have your personal ID or Passport for identification.

  2. Wear your PRO Jerseys with emblem. Penalty points applies for those without NSFL emblem.

  3. Prepare "Boat Ramp" payment proof.

  4. We will ask you to confirm that you have downloaded the app and you understand how to use it.

  5. After ID check is finished you will be forwarded to photographer.

  6. Team picture will be taken as well as individual picture

  7. Make sure you have your hair ready 😊

  8. Sponsor merchandise(hats, jerseys etc) is allowed.

  9. After your photoshoot is done, you then have your free time to prepare for competition or if you did that - concentrate and relax.

  10. Please follow any other directions that our staff will provide.

Finish - CheckOut procedures

Once you have arrived 16:00 (or earlier) back to the camp, please park your boat where you have parked in the morning.

  1. Head to Check-IN tent (captain only)

  2. You will need to sign points protocol and accept the points.

  3. Once you complete, we kindly invite you to enjoy Go'Grilla food truck which will be waiting to serve each of you. Sit back, enjoy your meal after looong day, discuss your thoughts with friends and wait for closing speech. Go'Grilla offers variety of different foods for both meat lovers and vegetarians. It is by far the best Food Truck in whole Norway. Menu is here .

  4. We will then have our summarise speech. At the same time important information about future events will be discussed.

  5. Every team must attend.

  6. The Stage 1 winners will be announced.

Loading the boats on the trailer

Once the speech is over we invite everyone to slowly start head to their vehicles. Please do not run, be polite and respect each other.

Our staff of 4-6 people will help to load the boats and attach the trailers. We will assure that we have most efficient boat loading procedure possible.

Reverse vehicle movement traffic logic will apply.(Green arrows first/orange drive-out)

Once your boat is loaded, drive ahead and DO NOT START BELTING THE BOATS in the driveway. Please driver further to opposite side of the street and use all available area to do that.


NSFL follows all national&local regulations.

- We bear everyone still keep the distance

- Avoid touching random surfaces

- Use disinfection liquids

- Wear face-masks

- If by any reason National rules will change and becomes strict again - NSFL will be re-scheduled.

If any of you still has questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note that minor changes for this information can still apply.

We wish you all the most intriguing tournament ever and we hope that each of you will show the fight you deserve!

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