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Good & Bad News - NSFL major update. Must read!

Hello anglers,

We have been quite busy for a while, and suddenly the content have stoped producing itself 😊 We are back on track and this time for all.

If you dont have time to read the whole text, don't do that and jump directly to our latest video on NSFL TV YouTube channel. Most important information is included in video.

If you have already watched the video, you probably know that we have to cancel NSFL Qualification.

Qualification or the whole NSFL?

Only qualification. The Main League and other divisions are still going.

Due to recently provided public news about Covid-19 re-opening plan, after deep analysis and consultation with the experts - we found out that there is no chance that Qualification can happen.

In general everything is positive. Norway is in process being re-opened for full action like we used to had before. But all of this will take time and if something will go terribly bad(new covid cases will grow again) it might be that all of this plan that our government announced will be canceled or edited.

The main reason why we have to cancel qualification is because in Between April 16 - May 16 we are going to be in Stage 1 reopening phase (Trinn 1). That means that local people from same municipalities will be able to have some activies, visit friends but only in smaller groups. One of the regulation states that "outdoor arrangements are possible up to 200people". But again - they have to be from the same municipality.


What are our hopes?

Bright ones! There is stage 2 (Trinn 2) which actually is in favour for NSFL. According to the plan from May 16th more freedom shall be available for everyone. That means that we have green light for "Main League". Date are not how we scheduled for May 15th, but it is almost there. So as we said in the video - we might start the league May 16th (Sunday) or May 22nd (Saturday). Once again - all of this will work only if government will not change any of the plans.

The full article can be found by clicking here -

Worst case scenario - Plan B.

The worst worst case scenario is that we can try to arrange the tournament without any physical contact, without any events. In other words action only on the water. You will pickup the measure board and you are done. Rest of the work our App and Admin panel will take care. That would be "Online" type tournament. This is not what we want, but not so bad either.

New registration form

All of the teams who have registered for qualification, will soon receive access to new registration form. This time the "real NSFL registration". After you and your partner complete this step, pay all final tournament fee's - you will be officially member of "Norwegian Sport Fishing League Forbund".

You will then be able to see your "NSFL Profile" on our webpage.

Please note that deadline to complete this form and payments is May 1st.


The app will be available to download - first days of May.

The video which will describe how everything works, how to download, hot to grant access will be released earlier.

Please note that you will not be able to download app from App Store or Google Store.

Our custom link will be provided to your email.

Jersey decals

Free NSFL textile decal + gift on the event.

We will be sending 2 NSFL decals which can be applied on any of you Textile.

Step by step video will be provided.

In addition - each team will get goodie-bag upon the arrival check-in.

For those who have ordered professional custom jerseys - they soon will be arriving.

The production takes time but we can guarantee that you will wear them before the NSFL itself! 😎

Current team list:


  2. Fish Hunters

  3. Fish On


  5. Fiskegal gjeng

  6. GTR Team

  7. JL Pro Fishing team

  8. M&S Pro Team

  9. Nautilus club "Golden Gravel"

  10. N.E.A Fishing Team

  11. NEMO

  12. Nor Fish (only 1 person is registered. Please complete registration ASAP)

  13. Pikevikings

  14. Pro Zander Fishing Team

  15. Sire Fishing Team

  16. Takkel Daiwa

  17. Team Astec

  18. Team Daiwa Garmin Prorex

  19. Team DFC

  20. Team Fisketrix

  21. Team Jaktia

  22. Team Krokodille (only 1 person is registered. Please complete registration ASAP)


  24. Team Nautilus

  25. Team Norheim

  26. Team Pikeslingers

  27. Team SFP

  28. Team South

  29. The Fat Zander Team

  30. The Trif Brothers

  31. Vacius & Pike

  32. Zander Club Jaktia Team

  33. Zander Club Predator Team

  34. Zander club team AM

  35. Zander club Team Angler Bait

  36. Zander Club Team Gator

Thats it for now. Please keep following all updates and don't miss anything!


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