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Starting Positions - Ready!

The starting positions are here!

Finally we have closed the registration process and today we have used automated randomiser to pick starting positions for all of you!

How does starting position impact your game?

The starting position determines in which place you are going to start.

The starting position is also your team number which will be used for the rest of the season. We will install number sticker on every single engine so everyone knows which team is in the boat!

Let's take a look at the results. You can also jump directly to video episode, we have recorded the whole process.

  1. Lukas Team

  2. Sire Fishing Team

  3. Team Daiwa Elvegris

  4. CatchYA

  5. Zander Club Team Predator

  6. Predator

  7. AG Team

  8. M&S Pro Team

  9. The Trif Brothers

  10. Fiskegal gjeng

  11. Team Astec

  12. Team SFP

  13. Team DFC

  14. Team NEMO

  15. Zander ClubTeam Jaktia

  16. Lithuanian Hookers

  17. LJ Pro Fishing team

  18. Taurus

  19. N.E.A Fishing Team


  21. Zander club Team Angler Bait

  22. Takkel Daiwa

  23. Nerijus & Giedrius


  25. V.V Team

  26. Team Lowrance/PD Baits

  27. Team Garmin/RAM Mounts

  28. Team Daiwa Garmin Prorex

  29. Dzukai 2

  30. Team Pikeslingers

  31. Team Fisketrix

  32. Team South

  33. Fish Hunters

  34. Nautilus club Golden Gravel

  35. Barracuda

  36. Fish On

  37. GTR Team

  38. Kamatotajama by Nautilus Club

  39. Zander Club Team Gator

  40. For Fun

Stay tuned for daily updates, the fun part only starts now!


NSFL Staff

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