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Say hello to Season 2022!

Finally we are giving a green light and full speed for upcoming new season.

This year we are coming with some really excited updates.

New face for NSFL

Let's start with freshly updated NSFL website. Now you can navigate and find most important information in more user friendly way. Improved design, functionality and speed. We are really happy with the outcome and there is lot's of hidden cool features that is coming within a season.

Introducing 2 new competitions

NSFL is trying new concept's every year. For 2022 we are launching "PerchMaster" & "ZanderMaster" competitions.

Just navigate on our website into "Leagues" sections to learn more

Complete rules will be announced 1st of June.

Registration is now open!

With our launch, we also opening registration for all events at once.


  • First step to everyone is to register for qualification which will take place 28th of May.

  • Teams that are still competing in EliteSeries2021 don't need to register for qualification yet. We still waiting who will be those 9 teams that will get direct ticket for MainLeague 2022.

PerchMaster & ZanderMaster

  • Simply register to the website if you are new user and click on "Registration" under the MyProfile section.

  • Users that has registered in previous season can simply login with old credentials.

Stay updated

Do not forget to always follow your emails, social networks to stay updated for the latest news.

Study new rules for MainLeague & Qualification

We have many changes in our rules. For season 2022 rules became more strict, more precise and improved. It is very important that everyone studies the rules extremely well as e-signature contract will be required for everyone who has qualified to MainLeague

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