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Stage 2 - Hemnes, overview

Drama and fight haven’t stopped in Stage 2. After a successful start in Stage 1, NSFL continues with Stage 2 and after 3 weeks brake all participants continued their fight in lake Øgderen.

The weekend was hot. The weather was hot and the fight was even hotter. 25 degrees celsius outside, burning sun and water which almost "boiled".

Team Golden Gravel takes "cold tub" after the event is finished.

All 40 teams started intensive fight from the early morning. No matter how good friends our anglers are, but when they are fighting for 100.000,- NOK 1st place prize - friendship is no longer existing. All "Daiwa" teams were a great example for that. The whole morning 3 "Daiwa" teams were better than each other almost every 20mins. After finding "the golden" lure which changed the whole game, TOP3 positions were changing quite rapidly. NSFL app went very hot with Daiwa teams fish uploads and the judge literally didn’t even had time for morning coffee. Great work!

Some of the "Daiwa" crew

Suddenly in the second half of the day the new heroes rise from the bottom - Team South. Karl Emil Heiland Amundsen and Tore Tveit. The guys have made good warm up, controlled their fear and started to change their strategy. With assistance of Garmin sonars they were able to locate fish where others were unable to do that and started showing the fight that no one has expected at all. 7 pikes in one hour with an average size of 73cm (largest 82cm) have placed Team South in a 1st position. Karl and Tore were able to hold their position and won the 1st place in Stage 2 event. Congratulations and applause setting the bars high!

Tore Tveit & Karl Amundsen (Team South)

Here is most important stats of Stage 2 Event:

TOP 5 Teams of the event:

  1. Team South

  2. Team Daiwa Elvegris

  3. Team Daiwa Garmin Prorex

  4. Takkel Daiwa

  5. Zander club Team Angler Bait


Total fish caught: 127

Total pikes over 100cm: 2

Average pike size: 67cm

Longest pike: 102cm (Tomas Tatolis)

Weather: Sunny

Wind: 1-2m/s

After 2 stages with a total of 500 rank points, Team South has became official leader of NSFL Main League. You can find current standings by clicking here.

We understand how hard most of the teams were preparing for this event, sadly game is game and not everything goes as planned. Actually, most of the teams were catching the fish quite often but due to minimum size they were unable to register them. Some of the teams has chosen wrong strategy in general and they are very upset about that. And lastly some of the teams did everything they could, but luck was not with them.

Luckily there are still 2 more stages and all chances are in your favor. The next Stage 3 event will take place in Tyrifjorden June 26, 2021. This is going to be the most difficult and challenging stage of all 4. The lake is extremely large and deep, but known of holding large amounts of huge pikes. Some of the teams have already started their practise in Tyrifjorden and delivered really promising results.

Keep practising and don’t give up because chances to be on top are still there. In the worst case scenario - "Elite Series" invitation for TOP20 teams is something that everyone should be still fighting for.

What about drama?

Oh yes of course, we had some drama again!

Everyone remembers that team M&S Pro Team had technical issues with their trolling engine in first stage, but this time the issues were bigger for CatchYa team.

The team has completely lost their trolling engine which was sank under the water!

However, with some assistance from team Fish Hunters - the trolling engine was found at the bottom of the lake with the help of Livescope. Big thank you FishHunters for helping and showing goodwill in a such situation.


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