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Stage 3 - Tyrifjorden (results). Upcoming FINAL

We hope that all of you have enjoyed your summer, spent good time with families and you are ready to continue NSFL competition journey! 🤩

First of all we would like to say huge thank you for every participant in NSFL. We are really happy that all of you enjoying the tournaments, coming on time, following all regulations, respecting each other, most important keeping good sportsmanship and showing emotional fights on each round. Thank you!

August 28th is only few weeks from now, where we will find out who will be the champion of 2021 NSFL "Main League". This is the moment we all have been waiting for! We have strong leading positions for now, but possibility that everything can flip around is big.

Later in Autumn the TOP20 "Main League" teams will fight for prestige award of "Elite Series". This series is going to be a big news for even the most experienced anglers. It is a never seen fishing competition format with a very limited time and pressure from behind. Full information about "Elite Series" rules & dates will be announced the day before the finals, August 27th, 2021. Registration will be open September 5th.

Coordination plan for NSFL "Main League" final in August 28th, will be announced Tuesday, August 17th.

- Last day of practise is August 22nd

- Fish to target: Pike & Zander

LAST chance to make your bets and win Garmin Striker!

Click on this link and then click the button "Make your BET". Invite your friends!

What happened in Stage 3?

The previous stage happened on June 26th at lake Tyrifjorden. This stage was expected to be one of the most difficult of all stages. Most of the teams had really difficult day. Not only the heat from the sun took all the energy, but the fish was just not biting how it should. However in the end of the day, the total fish count was greater compared with Stage 2 in Hemnes. The average size fish was also greater compared with past events. Let's take a look at Stage 3 stats:

TOP 5 Teams of the event:

  1. Zander Club Team Predator (Alenas Krencius & Simas Gadeikis)

  2. Team South (Tore Tveit & Karl Emil Heiland Amundsen)

  3. Zander Club Team Jaktia (Darius Liutkevicius & Andrius Taujanskas)

  4. Lowrance/PD Baits ( Pål Dramstad & Raymond Svendsen)

  5. LJ PRO Fishing Team (Juris Zelickis & Lauris Sire)


Total fish caught: 134

Total pikes over 100cm: 1

Average pike size: 71cm

Longest pike: 101cm (Alenas Krencius)

Weather: Sunny

Wind: 1-2m/s

Not bad! No matter how difficult the day was, the results represent full dedication from each of the teams.

Our board leaders "Team South" took 2nd place this time. Zander Club showed their true face. The luck in the past tournaments was not with them, but this time they showed how competent they are when needed. "Team Predator" first time ever in the Main League stepped on the winners podium with a 1st place. "Team Jaktia" shared the podium with a 3rd place. This was so crucial for them and they did it. We expect to see strong fight in lake Øyeren, as the lake is really well known by most of the anglers.

Zander Club Team Predator - Simas & Alenas

LJ Pro Fishing team showed some serious dedication. Team captain Juris Zelickis couldn’t participate in the very first Stage 1 event. He had serious leg injury and was basically "disabled" to move. Sadly the team finished in low overall position. But Juris and his team partner Lauris Sire, never gave up and started to show some serious catches in Stage 2 event and Stage 3 event. Their game has brought them overall 3rd place in a final points board! Great example for everyone, congrats!

Congratulations for all of the TOP 5 teams!

How others did?

The home lake runners N.E.A Fishing team with siblings Nils & Anette finished in 21st place. Sadly the fishing gods was not with them. They have been trying all they can, but sometimes fishing is fishing and there is nothing you can do. We hope that next year they will show how strong they are in their home lake!

"Team Zander Club Angler Bait" had their worst nightmare you can imagine while being in fishing competition. Bad calculation of the lake size and how much petrol should be in the tank. Already by lunch time they have been sitting in one spot with completely empty GAS TANK! Thankfully other teams have showed "Fair Play" and helped for the fellow anglers when they shouldn’t even do that. Big respect for those who found the time to get closer and help them. Luckily they have finished the competition day themselves.

Team Dzukai 2 in the second half of the day had to say goodbye because their outboard engine completely stopped working. Sorry for them and we hope to see you again in the final day.

LJ Pro Fishing team also had some troubles exactly minutes before Check-Out time is over. Some hundred meter from our camp, one of their petrol tanks was empty and sucked some air in the fuel system. They had to stop and switch to secondary gas tank manually. Luckily they were able to do that and arrived just few minutes too late.

Penalty points

Some of the teams has arrived past the given time. Some of the teams also haven’t followed the rules on the start zone. They have been accelerating to early.

The official penalty protocol with the list of teams will be published and visible for each Main League team. Each of you will receive email notification with list of teams and penalty points given.

The BIG DAY is almost here

The final of "Main League 2021" is almost here. We kindly invite everyone to follow latest news, keep your fingers crossed for your favorite team.

Everyone is kindly invited to join official awards which will take place in August 28th, Flateby Båtforening at around 18:00-19:00 local time.

The cups, medals and trophies are already prepared and waiting for the winners.

Cash prize, sponsor prizes are also waiting to be handed out for the winners.

We are ready, are you?!

We cannot wait to see everyone back where we belong - on the water.

P.S And don’t forget to make your BET!

NSFL Staff

Some moments from Stage 3, Tyrifjorden.

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