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Tyrifjorden - Stage 3 Plan & Coordination

We are getting closer and closer to the finals. This time teams will fight in one of the most challenging, large and deep lake - Tyrifjord.

Tyrifjorden is 139km2 in area and has a maximum depth of 295m! Gladly the lake also has many of the shallow spots and good locations where Pikes are located. We expect to have average pike of 75-80cm.

Nevertheless it is Stage 3, the last event before the summer brake. This event is so important, that it will set a obvious leaders. It is a chance for every team to show their best and come back to the top of leaderboard. Don’t miss this chance, fight till the last minute and show the sportsmanship you deserve.

Stage 3 - Allowance & Rules

Fishing allowance

Lake: Tyrifjorden, Vikersund

Location: Vikland Båtforening

Address: Ringeriksveien 5, 3370 Vikersund

Date: 2021 June 26 (Saturday)

Start: 08:00-08:30

Finish: 16:00

Earliest arrival & check-in & boat check: 05:00

Latest arrival & check-in & boat check: 07:00

Opening speech: 07:45


Conference: 16:40 (every team must attend)

Boat loading: 17:15

Fish: Pike

Minimum length: 55cm

Measure board: Provided by NSFL

FishUpload: NSFL APP. Each player individually, every fish from their account.

Event structure

Parking & Unloading

This time we have really open and wide area. There should be no issues with parking both for cars and boats. We also have nice and open park area where Check-IN tent will be placed.

  1. Arrival Arriving to the area, please do not swing into the first drive-in. Move forward to the second one and follow the instructions.

  2. Boat control As always our staff will control the boats and will give you guidance on moving the vehicles. Make sure you do not start preparing fishing tackle in the unloading zone. Make sure you boat is unbuckled and ready to launch before its your turn. As it became a standard, we will unhook your trailers and park them. This time we only have 1 boat ramp and therefore patients is required both in launching the boat and after the finish. Most important that you follow the que and staff signals.

  3. Check-IN Once you vehicle is parked, BOTH team players comes to check-in booth. Please do not come one-by-one! Everyone will get replacement badges. Teams that MUST prepare for profile pictures: For Fun AG Team Dzukai 2 Team Pikeslingers Team Garmin/RAM mounts Petras Gecas Rolandas Rakauskas Vitalijus Stroganovas Strictly this time teams that will not wear sport jerseys and make a picture will receive -10 final rank points per/player. Please remind in Check-In booth that you need to make picture. In case you don't have NSFL emblem, you still need to wear sport jersey and make a picture.

  4. Not coming to the event Teams that has not send any notice about not participating will receive 0 rank points.

Starting positions and start rules

The starting positions flips again. This this you all starting depending on which Team Number you have. Just to confirm here is a list of starting positions for Stage 3:

  1. Lukas Team

  2. Sire Fishing Team

  3. Team Daiwa Elvegris

  4. CatchYA

  5. Zander Club Team Predator

  6. Predator

  7. AG Team

  8. M&S Pro Team

  9. The Trif Brothers

  10. Fiskegal gjeng

  11. Team Astec

  12. Team SFP

  13. Team DFC

  14. Team NEMO

  15. Zander Club Team Jaktia

  16. Lithuanian Hookers

  17. LJ Pro Fishing team

  18. Taurus

  19. N.E.A Fishing Team


  21. Zander Club Team Angler Bait

  22. Takkel Daiwa

  23. Nerijus & Giedrius


  25. V.V Team

  26. Lowrance/PD Baits

  27. Team Garmin/RAM Mounts

  28. Team Daiwa Garmin Prorex

  29. Dzukai 2

  30. Team Pikeslingers

  31. Team Fisketrix

  32. Team South

  33. Fish Hunters

  34. Golden Gravel by Nautilus

  35. Barracuda GF Team

  36. Fish On

  37. GTR Team

  38. Kamatotajama by Nautilus Club

  39. Zander Club Team Gator

  40. For Fun

Your help with cameras is highly appreciated

As all of you may remember we kindly ask everyone who has possibilities to film themselves while fishing. You can then share your SD Card content after the event.

The winner who will provide the most valuable content will be awarded with Garmin Striker Cast in our final event

Also don't forget to get nice pictures with some great trophies! :)

Tag us in your pictures @nsflnorway. Only hashtags is not allowing us to share you nice pictures :) Use the GIF's to make your stories/post more exciting.


It is time to have some guessing time!

Go to LIVE RESULTS page and place your bet who you think will be in the TOP 5 after the Main League is finished! Each of you and any of your friends has 2 chances to bet.

We will be announcing current public percentages and will keep this game as fun as possible.

In addition only 1 person who's guess is most precise will be awarded with one more Garmin Striker Cast! As we promised Garmin has decided to award all of you with huge bag this time. So use your chance and play for every bit!

Help us to grow!

Share LIVE Results link in your social networks and help NSFL become brighter!

Share as many post as possible and let's create the hype! is the link to LIVE Results on Saturday!

#nsflnorway #nsfl @nsflnorway

Good luck everyone and we see you soon!

Memories from Stage 2

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