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Øgderen,Hemnes - Stage 2 Plan & Coordination

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Welcome back everyone! It is finally the time to start Stage 2! We hope that all of you had enough practise(we saw that you did) and ready for second fight.

Here is the most important information what all of you need to know and follow the guidelines. Our team expects smooth cooperation and understanding following our structure.

Stage 2 - Allowance & Rules

Fishing allowance

Lake: Hemnessjøen(Øgderen), Hemnes

Location: Høland Gummiservice AS

Address: Haldenveien 2411, 1970 Hemnes

Date: 2021 June 5 (Saturday)

Start: 08:00-08:30

Finish: 16:00

Earliest arrival & check-in & boat check: 05:00

Latest arrival & check-in & boat check: 07:00

Opening speech: 07:45


Conference: 16:40 (every team must attend)

Boat loading: 17:15

Fish: Pike

Minimum length: 55cm

Measure board: Provided by NSFL

FishUpload: NSFL APP. Each player individually, every fish from their account.

Event structure - read carefully

Parking zones

Unfortunately but the lake has quite narrow parking capacity. Gladly our team has figured out how the coordination should happen. We kindly ask to follow our parking structure and all the process will go smooth. Please do not make individual manoeuvres and try to be quicker.

  1. Coming to the boat ramp and boat control

This lake has 2 ramps. For early morning procedures we will use only one ramp which is at Høland Gummiservice AS land (Ramp 2)

Unloading process

Step 1 will be to follow the queue over the green line. Drive in and wait until one of the staff will give you the signal to proceed.

Make sure all the belts and fishing equipment is already in the boat. Prepare your boat for control. Remove all covers.

Back up your trailer with the boat and unload the boat. One of the team members shall sit in the boat already while another drives the car only.

Once the boat is in the water, follow the arrows - direction boat parking (approx 100m away from the ramp)

We will unhook your trailer from the car and park it like we did in last event.

After the trailer is parked proceed with your vehicle to Ramp 1 and follow our staff for smooth parking.

We will have additional trailer & motor stickers and will replace them for those who have lost them due to wet conditions from the Stage 1. We will also re-apply engine stickers if they were to big. Once again, the trailer number and engine number is the same like your team number.

2. Check-IN

Check IN zone

White marked lines is the zone where vehicles shall be parked.

Green lines indicates walkthrough road to Ramp 2 (2min walk)

The shore parking is not the "most comfortable" in this lake. However from experience we know that it is possible to park the boats.

We kindly ask for those who have Trolling(bow) engines with remote over Bluetooth and large capacity batteries, drive to the cement mall, leave the boat and push your boat with the engine approx 50m away from the shore and anchor your boat with trolling motor. We will give some time before the start to either retrieve the boat or you can ask some of the teams to give you 10sec Taxi to your boat.

The next step is to finish 2 payments:

- Boat ramp + parking (follow the signs to Vipps)

- Fishing license (we highly recommend to do that as it is the duty for every angler to have it. Control might be present)

Once both of the members are set, come to check in zone and get your measure boards. Make sure you bring you badges that you have received on first event. It is important that you wear them while in the camping.

Starting positions and start rules

Winner winner chicken dinner starting positions flips around! Those who have started last - this is your chance because now you will be the first! Here is the list of new starting positions for Stage 2. Your team number doesn't change tho, only starting position for this event.

  1. For Fun

  2. Zander Club Team Gator

  3. Kamatotajama by Nautilus Club

  4. GTR Team

  5. Fish On

  6. Barracuda GF Team

  7. Golden Gravel by Nautilus

  8. Fish Hunters

  9. Team South

  10. Team Fisketrix

  11. Team Pikeslingers

  12. Dzukai 2

  13. Team Daiwa Garmin Prorex

  14. Team Garmin/RAM Mounts

  15. Team Lowrance/PD Baits

  16. V.V Team


  18. Nerijus & Giedrius

  19. Takkel Daiwa

  20. Zander club Team Angler Bait


  22. N.E.A Fishing Team

  23. Taurus

  24. LJ Pro Fishing team

  25. Lithuanian Hookers

  26. Zander Club Team Jaktia

  27. Team NEMO

  28. Team DFC

  29. Team SFP

  30. Team Astec

  31. Fiskegal gjeng

  32. The Trif Brothers

  33. M&S Pro Team

  34. AG Team

  35. Predator

  36. Zander Club Team Predator

  37. CatchYA

  38. Team Daiwa Elvegris

  39. Sire Fishing Team

  40. Lukas Team

Follow the start sequence

Here is the image which provides how the starting queue should be. Find your STARTING POSITION in this image and get in line like displayed.

2 boats will start in parallel to each other every 30sec.

Start sequence
Prepare your cameras if you can

As all of you may remember we kindly ask everyone who has possibilities to film themselves while fishing. You can then share your SD Card content after the event.

The winner who will provide the most valuable content will be awarded with Garmin Striker Cast in our final event

Also don't forget to get nice pictures with some great trophies!


According to weather forecast we expect to have amazing weather. Do not forget sun protection, stay hydrated and eat healthy food to stay sharp 😊

Prepare for the real fight

Prepare yourself mentally for strong fight. Remember that this event will set the leaders strongly. Each stage is extremely important for each of you. You cannot miss the opportunities to show your A game.

We are fighting for the prize pool of almost 200.000,- NOK where the winners takes almost 100.000,- of it!!!

See you on June 5th, 2021!



NSFL Staff

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