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After a deep analysis and conversations with Statsforvalteren i Oslo og Viken we have found out that some of the nature reserves cover our fishing are.

Here a the changes that everyone MUST to follow and respect:

  • Every team and angler have to wear LIFE JACKETS the WHOLE day. If any angler will be seen not wearing the life jacket they will be disqualified the same second.

  • Every team captain has to respect Norwegian nature reserves and do not drive in the restricted area.

  • Speed limit of 5knop (1.8km/h) rule on the black border(see the last image).

  • If any of the boats will be seen closer than 50m from each other - they will be disqualified the same second

  • If any of the particapant sees that any of the 2 or more teams gathers together in the water, stops on the shore line - please call the judge ASAP, send picture or turn on FaceTime,Messenger so we can clearly see them.

  • Any joint teams strategy is strictly forbidden and any of the boats seen close to each other will be treated as "Combined Strategy Participation"

  • Fishing is completely forbidden in the whole delta area - the border starts Sofiedal and horizons to the Blesavika. Here is the new maps.

We understand that some the mapped areas are still allowed to fish according to the last image. However we take all precautions and not allowing anyone to pass that zone.

The reason we are doing this is to have a full and easy control. We will be able to see who is in that zone just by using binoculars. We don't want any problems and concerns regarding who fished where is allowed where not. Therefore we decided that it is best that none of the boat enters the black border line.


Once again we kindly ask everyone to respect every rule and follow it. You will have no chance to excuse if you will be caught.

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