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NSFL "MainLeague 23'" - Stage 1.

Finally we have successfully finished 1st stage of the "NSFL Main League 2023".

We had a wonderful sunny day, calm with no wind. The perfect weather that every angler needs.

Totally teams has caught 84 pikes. The average size: 71.5cm.

Largest pike in Stage 1 was caught by Gytis Gricenka (GTR Team) - 106cm.

Second largest fish - Knut Ole Haug(Takke Daiwa): 100cm

We want to thank our event sponsor Daiwa Scandinavia for awarding our TOP5 places with great pike fishing gear. Teams has received TATULA Limited reels. Runners up were awarded with CALDIA series and Prorex X-Bait casting rods. Congratulations to the winners!

Here is the TOP5 winning teams of the Stage 1: 1. Svendsen Fishing (391cm) 2. LJ Pro Fishing (384cm - won 2nd because of larger fish) 3. Gnarly Baits (384cm) 4. N.E.A Fishing - (380cm) 5. Team Lukas (375cm)

To mention Svendsen Fishing and Gnarly Baits are completely new teams in NSFL. First event and they brought podium places, what a performance!

The person who caught most fish of the day is Lauris Sire (LJ Pro Fishing). He collected 384cm (all his team points).

Thanks everyone for participating. Enjoy the gallery!


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