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PerchMaster - Event information

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Welcome everyone who has joined our first open tournament "Perch Master 2022". If you haven’t joined yet, you still have time to do it here

The idea behind the tournament is to give opportunity for every angler to win. No matter what skill level you are in all chances are yours.

For those who are not seeking any professional level, it is a great opportunity to meet professional anglers, see their boats, ask questions that might help you to change your fishing game.

We provided really great time schedule so you team has all chances to fight and win! You will have 12 hours of fishing.

The tournament is really straight forward and has no complicated rules. Simply try to give your full effort and catch the Perch.


Those who have successfully registered, should have received email with "plan activation" and all instructions how to get the app into your phone. If you have any troubles, do no hesitate to contact NSFL support by email.

Ramp & Check-In zone & Rules

Lake: Storsjøen, Nord-Odal

Location: Mo Båtforening, Gardvik

Address: 2133 Gardvik

Date: 2022 July 2 (Saturday)

Start: 07:00

Finish: 19:00

Earliest arrival & check-in & boat check: 05:30

Latest arrival & check-in & boat check: 06:15

Opening speech: 06:50


Boat loading on trailers: 19:00

Awards: 19:30-20:00

Fish: Perch

Minimum length: 30cm

Required: 5 largest perch per team

Points: Perch - 1cm=1point

Measure board: Provided by NSFL

FishUpload: NSFL APP. Only team captain

Starting positions

We will do a random draw 1 day before the event.

Fishing Zones

Rank points (new!)

NSFL has introduced "Rank Points" starting with season 2022.

The personal rank points counts your skill level no matter which NSFL tournament you have participated in. Each tournament has its own rank points. These points will never stop collecting into your NSFL profile. Rank points will allow to determine who are the strongest predator anglers in Norway. Later top strongest anglers will be invited to "premium" tournaments where strongest meet's strongest.

FYI: To be able to collect "RankPoints", you need to have NSFL player profile(not web profile). Anglers that are participating in MainLeague already has NSFL Profile.

However, PerchMaster does not require NSFL profile. If you don't have this profile but willing to participate in future NSFL events, please contact us by email and we will send you a link to create the profile. Later, we will connect rank points that you have received in this event.

Here is rank points table for "Perch Master 2022" (by winning place)

  1. 15 points (each player)

  2. 13

  3. 11

  4. 10

  5. 9

  6. 8

  7. 7

  8. 6

  9. 5

  10. 4

rest of the players - 3


1st place - Cash prize / GARMIN prize

2nd place - Cash prize

3rd place - Cash prize

Longest perch - cash prize

And of course, the trophies itself!

Thats is it for now. Stay tuned if any updates will come.

See you soon!


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