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Stage 4 - Fishing Allowance & Rules

Finally we are ready to reveal full information about upcoming FINAL round - Stage 4.

For now, this is only the information about fishing zones & general rules of the event.

The information about parking and movement will be announced only next week.

Fishing Zones

Please take a good look at the map and the fishing zones.

And here is the zoom in map for the Delta zone:


The last border you can fish is the beginning of Årnestangen & Rossholmen.

Just to confirm this here is 2D map picture with the border.


Lake: Øyeren, Flateby

Location: Flateby båtforening

Address: Øyerenveien 105, 1911 Flateby

Date: 2021 August 28 (Saturday)

Start: 08:00

Finish: 16:00

Earliest arrival & check-in & boat check: 05:00

Latest arrival & check-in & boat check: 07:00

Opening speech: 07:45


Boat loading: 16:00

Final Points calculation: 16:30

Preparation for awards: 17:00

Award ceremony & closing speeches & pictures: 17:30

Fish: Pike & Zander

Minimum length: Pike: 55cm, Zander: 45cm

Required: 3 pikes, 2 zanders

Points: Pike - 1cm=1point, Zander - 1cm = 2points

Measure board: Provided by NSFL

FishUpload: NSFL APP. Each player individually, every fish from their account.

As you can see the Final round is going to be more interesting compared with previous rounds. Here is a short explanation so you clearly understand how the points will work:

As a team you can decide yourself whether you fish only pikes or only zanders. The difference is that we will count only maximum of 3 pikes and maximum 2 zanders.

That means if you caught only pikes, your final points will be counted only from 3 fishes.

If you caught only 2 zanders, your points will be counted only for these 2 fishes, but each CM for the zander will be x2 i.e you caught zander of 50cm, your score will be 100cm instead and so on.

This will give a really strong edge and for those who caught smaller size pikes. This will also can eliminate those who caught only large pikes because one zander is almost equal to 1m+ pike.

Why we do this?

As you may already know that NSFL is made to be difficult and unexpected. We think that such a different point structure brings lots of chances for everyone and allows anglers to demonstrate their true skills. Those who haven't had a chance to show themselves in first 3 stages, now has the chance to do that.

To be short - we want that truly the best team to win the "Main League" title.


Another surprise for all of you - you will not be able to see how other's do!

We will allow to watch the results til 11:00, after 11:00 the option to follow other anglers and see their scores will be disabled.

Fish uploads will be enabled as always. You will be able to see your own catches only.

We think that this will keep all of you in stress and excitement!


What are the prizes you will all figure out once you arrive. We keep this as a secret until the last day.

Big thanks to our sponsors: Garmin, Favorite Rods, Keitech, Momoi, BKK

We kindly ask everyone to stay for the award ceremony as we have some quick games to win prizes. You can also bring food to cook while you all waiting, we all going to have plenty of time.

Staying until the end of event shows how respectful you are for others. Meeting other anglers, discussing how the season went also gives you a good chance to know each other better. In addition to that we want everyone to participate in final picture session where all the teams gather together for a magazine picture.

Thats it for now and we see you soon!

Don't forget to come back next week and check the car parking & movement plan.

NSFL Staff

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1 comentário

Pål "PD Baits" Dramstad
Pål "PD Baits" Dramstad
23 de ago. de 2021

The change in the score count of the zander (cmx2 comparing to pike is just sad :( and it should have been informed earlier in front of stage 4. We hope that this will be a pike contest in the year to come or it will not be interesting for a lot of the teams.

Team Lowrance/PD Baits.

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