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We have the winners! (Elite)

"Elite Series 2021" was the finishing stage for season 2021. Due to harsh weather

EliteSeries2021 - NSFL

conditions we had to cancel this event back in Autumn. According to the rules, 20 of strongest teams had access to this tournament. However, only 14 have registered themselves and only 9 came to the event. Some of them had all sorts of issues like travel, work related things but we haven't canceled this event because of that.

Strongest teams has arrived and successfully fought for the prize.

Let's quickly conclude the tournament day

The weather conditions was quite well. It was a sunny day, moderate cloud but quite windy. In general it was almost to perfect pike fishing conditions.

"Team Takkel Daiwa" (Christian Sletmo & Knut Ole Haug) has opened the day with their 3 pikes in first hours. They took a lead for the moment. Few hours later they already had their 5 counting pikes. Sadly they were able to finish 4th.

Second team from Squad "Daiwa" - "Garmin Prorex" with their ultimate, new equipped boat was ready for a win and only win. Team had a really tight and difficult training period. Due to late ice melting, time was enemy to prepare. Nevertheless they cracked the "code" of the day, really quickly. Years of experience and techniques from Petter Skudal and Tore Svendsen demonstrated great strategy choice. They haven’t moved much throughout the day and very quickly they became leaders and pushed "Takkel Daiwa" to a second place.

Moving forward, suddenly everything has flipped around.

First "Golden Gravel Team by Nautilus" (Darius Jurksa, Ieva Sliupaite) has showed great effort and streaking pikes. At some point team has kept TOP3 status with only few points in difference between them all

The Flip

Two teams LJ Pro Fishing Team(Juris Zelickis, Lauris Sire) & Team SFP (Sondre Breian, Johann Vangerud) started big changes in leaderboard table.

Both teams started to collect pikes without brake. Especially TEAM SFP, showing their "standard" strength in the end of tournaments has really moved many teams down.

In the very last minute of the day, they caught fish which guaranteed them TOP3.

"Daiwa" squad sadly was pushed below but they fought until last minute, same as others. "Garmin Prorex" still was only one fish away at that point.

In the lower line, teams was collecting fishes but not that frequently.

For example "SFC Nautilus" (Martynas Platiakas, Sarunas Pranskunas) got the largest tournament pike of 92cm. Congratulations to Martynas Platiakas for caching this fish!

The End

Time is up and we have the results!

1st - LJ Pro Fishing Team

2nd - Team SFP

3rd - Team Daiwa Garmin Prorex.

This shows that these teams are definitely holding high rank status in Norwegian Predatory fishing.

- LJ Pro - winners of Main League 2nd

- Garmin Prorex - winners of Main League 3rd

- Team SFP - winners of Autumn Mamma, 10th in Main League

And now all of them, winners of ELITE Series!

Big congratulations to all the teams and also to other teams! You all did really well and we are very proud of everyone.

To add: all 9 teams has got access to enter MainLeague2022 without qualification.

They are also not allowed to fish in Øyeren during the qualification silence days.

Latest fishing opportunity is May 21 or after 28th.

downloadable HQ picture copies.


Good news! We have made really great content to share with you. You will be able also to hear what TOP3 winners has to say! Video will be launched Sunday, May 8th on our YouTube channel. Stay tuned!

Hurry up, register today!

We kindly invite everyone who has not registered or wondering, to really hurry up and register as fast as possible. Only 3 weeks left - May 28th, lake Øyeren, Flateby

We have also announced open "Perch Master" competition for every angler in Norway. No qualifications, simple 1day tournament. don't miss that up!

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