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The time has finally came to figure out which team deservers the top title of NSFL.

EliteSeries2021 - is the event where only top teams were allowed to enter.

This event was rescheduled due to harsh weather conditions back in 2021 Autumn.

The majority of the votes were to postpone this event until 2022 Spring.

Here is the most important facts for EliteSeries2021:

- Date: 2022 May 7 (Saturday)

- Time: 0800 - 1600

- Lake: Skullerudsjøen

- Address: Skullerud Brygge 1970 Hemnes

Prize pool:

- TOP9 teams wins entrance to MainLeague2022 without qualification¨

- 1st place: 11.000,- Cash prize

- 2nd place: 7000,- Cash prize

- 3rd place: 4500,- Cash prize

- ELITE Cup & Awards

Earliest arrival & check-in & boat check: 05:00

Latest arrival & check-in & boat check: 07:00

Fish: Pike

Minimum length: Pike: 55cm

Required: 5 Largest pikes per team

Points: Pike - 1cm=1point

Measure board: Provided by NSFL

FishUpload: NSFL APP

General rules: NSFL Main League Rules

Starting positions

Startings positions has been selected by random draw

  1. LJ PRO Fishing Team

  2. N.E.A Fishing Team

  3. Team Daiwa Garmin Prorex

  4. Nautilus club Golden Gravel Team

  5. TEAM South


  7. GTR Team

  8. Barracuda Team

  9. Giedrius & Nerijus

  10. Team SFP

  11. Team Garmin/Ram- mounts

  12. Sire Fishing Team

  13. 13Fishing team 2

  14. Team Takkel Daiwa

Event information

Arrival/Unloading/Parking. We follow standard NSFL traffic management.

Fishing zones

Traffic restriction

The lake has a very narrow passage which connects both lakes.

It is very important that every team reduces the speed to 5knop while passing the whole passage.

Teams that will not follow this rule will be deducted by 100points

Every team has a duty to inform NSFL staff if someone is not following this rule.

Video material has to be provided. NSFL Staff will have control over this passage.


- Each boat has to be equipped with LifeVests, First Aid kit

- Life vests is a duty to wear while moving.

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