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NSFL Finale - Meet the champions

What a season! Finally the "Main League" is now over. Fishing tournament, sports league that has been planned many years has finally became reality. NSFL(Norwegian Sport Fishing League) is the championship from 4 stages. Different lakes, 40 teams, 80 anglers, 3 winners. Once again we would like to thank all of the participants who have believed from day 1, who showed strong fight, traveled so many kilometres to fight with the strongest 40 predator fishing teams.

Those 40 teams has been fighting in lakes Storsjøen, Hemnessjøen, Tyrifjorden and

Øyeren. The main prize includes our sponsors GARMIN, Favorite Rods, KEITECH prizes. TOP3 teams received cash prize of 1st: 35.000,- NOK, 2nd: 20.000,- NOK, 3rd: 10.000,- NOK. And of course - the main title. The title which places the team and the anglers as the strongest. This title is for sure the most valuable Norwegian Predator Fishing title existing today.

Shootout and congratulations to the team winners: 1st place - Team South ( Tore Tveit & Karl Emil Heiland Amundsen )

2nd palce - LJ Pro Fishing Team ( Juris Zelickis & Lauris Sire)

3rd place - Team Daiwa Garmin Prorex ( Petter Skudal & Tore Svendsen)

4th place - Zander Club Team Predator (Alenas Krencius & Simas Gadeikis)

5th palce - Team Lowrance/PD Baits (Pål Dramstad & Raymond Svendsen)

Full list of TOP40 standings - click here

Other awards:

Most Valuable Player - MVP: Krzysztof Kolpuc (Team NEMO) - 1212cm

Longest League Fish - Lauris Sire (LJ Pro Fishing Team) - 111cm (Pike)

The total sponsor prize fund: 120.000,- NOK

Additional cash prize pool: 65.000,- NOK

2: LJ PRO FISHING 1: TEAM SOUTH 3: Daiwa Garmin Prorex


The season went really successful. Some of the teams had stable success, some only

started to show strong results by mid-season and some of the teams sadly had bad times overall. But that's what this sport is all about. Ups and downs are part of this sport.

It is nice feeling when you are winning but true sportsman has to accept the loss and respectfully congratulate the winners instead work hard for the next year.

The most important is to fight til the end, from the beginning til the end. Do not give up, do not look "other ways" how to negative affect other teams, how to benefit yourself by sinking others, concentrate only on yourself and do your best. This is a part of a "Fair Play" and separation between real sport anglers and amateur sport anglers. Staying till the end of the final, being in award ceremony is the way to show respect to the winners, to other anglers, arrangers and most important to yourself. Thanks to everyone who stayed from day 1 and till the last moment! You truly deserve being a champions one day.

What kind of competitions without any troubles? The troubles are part of any competition. Some of the teams have experienced all sorts or problems throughout the whole season. Some of the teams had really difficult times very last minutes. But thats why we have so much fun and it is sort of a cherry on top of the cake. Engines broke down, petrol tanks were empty, trolling motor stopped working, trolling motor sinked under the water, rods sinked too - isn't that fun?!

As a league arrangers NSFL Team had also difficulties and issues. We are very happy with overall organisation including unloading the boats, parking, traffic movement, base camps, app, admin panel and overall look of the event. We really think that very first ever Main League season went brilliantly.

However we still have room to improve. We found ourselves not being strict enough with the rules. That being said some of that teams have started manipulations. Therefore we will improve our rules and deliver way more strict tournament/points management next year. We also made minor mistakes in calculations, minor mistakes in announcements, minor mistakes in arrangements. We look really seriously to that and we will not let you down. NSFL Staff has now plenty of time to re-think and strengthen up the whole competition. Your opinion really matters - do not hesitate to present us your ideas, changes.

NSFL will always be different from any other leagues/competitions. What drives us is

changes and difficulty. All of the participants who is preparing for next year - start doing it now and expect hard times!

Once again congratulations to all of the winners. We also want to say big thank you to everyone who have helped during the whole season:

- Sport Fishing Club NAUTILUS. You guys did amazing job

- Garmin Norge

- Favorite Rods


- Sport-Fiske NO

- MIDT I VEIEN Transportservice AS

Thank you each marina (Båtforening) for their great support:

- Mo Båtforening (Storsjøen)

- Flateby Båtforening (Øyeren)

- Hemnes kommune

- Vikersund kommune

The whole season VIDEO SERIES is already in production! We promise you gonna have great memories throughout the winter time. All of the fans and viewers will have a chance to feel what is like to participate in NSFL.

TOP20 teams - you had enough time to relax and now it is time to practise for upcoming NSFL Elite Series 2021 division. Here TOP20 teams will fight in a extremely difficult structure. This is going to be hell of the fight!

See you on the water!

Check out the picture gallery below.

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